Archeology - Doctoral School of Humanities
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Place for submitting documents
Doctoral Schools at UMCS
ul. Weteranów 18 
20-038 Lublin
The Doctoral Schools' Office must receive documents sent by the post office no later than August 25th, 2021.
Foreigners can send scans of the documents to Doctoral School only by post office.
Duration of studies

4 years

Language of lecture
Limit of places
Description of the qualification rules
Required documents

Formal requirements

To attach the required documents to the system , create one pdf file.

The amount of the recruitment fee

There is no admission fee.

Contact details
Doctoral Schools at UMCS
ul. Weteranów 18
20-038 Lublin
In the e-mail title, please write the name of the Doctoral School to which the message is.
phone number: (81) 537 50 59 or (81) 537 50 60
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